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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Process Template Versioning is required?

Process Template Versioning is a feature provided by Savvion to install a new version of an existing process template which is already installed.

So why there is a need of installing a version instead of installing the template itself? Say suppose you have a Leave Approval application which has only one approval step with Supervisor approval step. Now you have a new requirement in which the application also needs Managers approval after supervisor approval. In this case, you will have to remove the existing installed process template and install the new modified process template. Following this procedure to remove existing template and install a new one instead of versioning has many disadvantages as below:

* It is very difficult to manage and maintain if your flow changes frequently with many revisions.
* Previous version will not be available and the users will only have the latest version installed.
* Revision based on your previous template would not be possible since previous versions are already removed.
* All active instances needs to be removed if you are installing the application with same application name as a template instead of version.

To overcome this problems BizLogic provides with template versioning which has many advantages. Installing template version will allow you to install as many versions of a template as you like at once. The latest version will be available and all previous template versions will be deprecated. With this, all your active process instances of previous version will not be removed and will be available to the users in their current approval stage. This means you don't have to remove the active template nor its active instances.

Creating version of our previous Leave Approval example, the new template would now be Leave_Approval_Ver2 which will have same application name as version1. Installing Leave_Approval_Ver2 version, the previous template Leave_Approval_Ver1 will be deprecated and Leave_Approval_Ver2 will become the current active version of the template. All the new instances created will be of Leave_Approval_Ver2 and no users will be allowed to create any instances of previous version.

Versioning also allows you to keep the same application name of the template. It is also possible to activate your previous deprecated version by just removing all the versions that were created after that and activating your required version.

Click here to see how to Install Process Template Version

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