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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Add custom javascript validation file in form editor

You may have wonder how and where to include a javascript validation file to the form editor. This is bit tricky specially if you are using savvion 7.5 form editor which auto generates your jsp file. You can though modify your generated jsp to manually include the javascript file but it is not recommended to update the jsp file which is generated using form editor.

To overcome this you can add your js file to your custom form with below instructions:

- Open your process template in BPM studio
- Open form editor of your workstep by Right clicking on the step and selecting 'Open Form'
- Click on 'Scripts' from 'Tools' menu which will open a pop-up
- Click 'New' to provide the path of your java script file. If your js file is located in your current project in scripts folder, then you can just give provide the path as below:


You can now directly use any of the js functions available in your javascript file on your form control events.

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