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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Questions on Savvion?

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Luca said...

I have a problemwith my server Savvion. when i access in the "My Task" area, I can see the error message "The SBM servers are not running,Please start the SBM servers if you have system privileges or else contact the administrator. "
When I try to start the BizLogic server in the administration area, the system sends me the message "The BizLogic server has been successfully started.", but we I return in the system status area the Bizlogic server is still down.
Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

savvionhelp said...

Hi Luca,

Does any of your application installed on the savvion server contain overdue scripts/actions/adapters that try to send email to performer or assign a task to the performer which is not available?
This can cause issues. If yes try to remove those tasks.

If above does not apply then,
the problem can be with some process instance which had errors and is lost in the Savvion Database. Remove that instance and your Bizlogic server should be up.


Luca said...

Yes. The problem was a process instance lost in the DB Savvion. When I have removed it the Bizlogic server went up immediatly.

Thanks a lot.

Yogeshkumar said...

I am working on Savvion tool, I want to understand the proper way to do Exception handling in Savvion and to you use Managed Webservice Adapter for Complex object with example.

I looked on, the link but require more information with some examples

Also I want to understand how to use Utility classes in Savvion and SJS service for JSON

Please help me in understanding the same.

Thanks in Advance.


Savvionhelp said...


First of all very good question. You can find your answer to proper way for exception handling at below:

Exception Handling in BPM

We will answer rest of your questions and update asap.


Anonymous said...

If u r using a oracle db then use the alter command in the start database console...alter and process commands are available in the installation guide of SBMHOME->docs if run those two commands and start DB again and start the servers...the problem will be eliminated..