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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Installing Savvion BizLogic Application

To deploy your application to savvion, make sure that your project .xml file is placed under SBM_HOME/ebmsapps directory.

You can install your application from BPM Portal Administration page or using BizLogic Admin commands. Below directions will allow you to install the application using BizLigic Admin commands.

1) Make sure that BizLigic Server is up and running before executing the BizLogic Admin commands.

2) Start BizLogic Console.
There are two ways to start the bizlogic console

(i) Select start > Programs > Savvion > SBM 7.5 > Admin Consoles > BizLogic Console

(ii) Login to your host server using telnet or xtern and go to SBM_HOME/bin directory and type the command ''

3) Execute connect [user name] [password] command.

4) Intall your process using below command:
createAndInstallPt MyTestExample.xml

The above commands will install your template.
Click here to see how to get the list of installed process templates.

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