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Monday, August 22, 2011

Simple way of attaching files in Savvion Workflow

Savvion BPM provides a very simple way to attach file in your application flow instead of writing your own java code to select a file for attachment and upload it to the server. You can just place your dataslot in the form editor which will take care of rest of the things. It will do all the processing such as providing a button to select the file as well as uploading the selected file to the server location.

Upload functionality of Savvion also displays the size of the attached file and modified date of the uploaded file. It even allows you to upload multiple files at a time, edit the document and delete the attached files. You can also see the attached files in the successive worksteps or even edit or delete the documents which will be persistent through out your application instance flow.

Below are the steps how you can add the attachment code to your Savvion workflow:

1) Open your template and go to dataslot tab
2) Click on New button and add a 'Document' dataslot
3) You can now place the dataslot on your form editor. To do this click on 'Data Sources' Form Tasks from Tasks pane available at the right side.
4) Expand 'Dataslots' folder under 'Data Sources' and click on 'User Dataslots' which will have your document dataslot.
5) Drag the new defined Document dataslot as in step 2, and place in in your form editor.
6) You can now build and deploy the workflow to see your attachment working.

The above steps will add the attachment code to your jsp and will allow you to add, edit, view and delete the files at any workstep.

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