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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Showing Instructions data on web portal form using BPM Savvion Process Modeler

Savvion portal form has 'Instructions' tab which is used to display instructions data to the business users for giving them the actual instructions on the workstep form that needs to be filled or approved. This allows the business users to have detail instructions on what the form is and what needs to be done by them. It allows the novice users who are not knowing about the application to go ahead by following the instructions available in the Instructions tab.

This can be achieved as below:
Click on workstep -> Properties and then click on 'Fields' tab. You can enter the description in the 'Instructions' text area field which will be displayed in Instructions field on the workstep form in portal.

You can also link a dataslot to the instructions field. This is useful if you have the instructions to be displayed that comes as dynamic data from users or any other third party system.

The Instructions can be or cannot be same on different worksteps. More importantly the instruction data would be different on different forms which can be easily accomplished by this functionality.

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