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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Savvion Data Types and Mapping

Below table consists of the Savvion Dataslot Data Types and its mapping with the Java Data Types.

SBM Dataslot Type Java Data Type Description
Boolean java.lang.Boolean -
Date java.sql.Timestamp -
Document java.lang.String The Document dataslot is actually a String which consists of a URL which points to a document residing on the server.
List java.util.Vector -
Map java.util.LinkedHashMap -
Number(Decimal) java.math.BigDecimal -
Number(Double) float Double dataslot is mapped to primitive java data type float and not the object class Double
Number(Long) long Long dataslot is mapped to primitive java data type long and not the object class Long
Object java.lang.Object The class should have the setMethod() with proper java class type.
String java.lang.String -
URL java.lang.String The URL dataslot appears as a hyper link

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