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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is a software that helps in monitoring business activities, since those activities are implemented in computer system applications. Business Activity can be a business process designed by Business Process Management (BPM).

The main goal of business activity is to provide real time information and result of various process and operations. It is also beneficial in presentation of information on dashboards which contain key performance indicators (KPI). Even though BAM systems usually use dashboard to represent data, BAM is distinct from dashboards.

Here is a example of how BAM solution can be used. Say suppose Bank of America borrows money overnight from CitiGroup. The interbank transfer should be communicated through automation each business day in a set of time. Failure of vital communication can cost the bank large sum of charges from CitiGroup.

A BAM solution can be designed here which will be aware of each message and await confirmation. Failure to receive confirmation within a reasonable amount of time will be a trigger for BAM solution to raise an alarm that will set manual intervention to investigate the cause of the delay and to push the problem toward resolution before it becomes costly.


Anonymous said...

Business Activity Monitoring is an excellent mechanism to deliver business visibility and demonstrate business value. Project recommendations may be viewed at

Manisha Eleperuma said...
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Manisha Eleperuma said...

In the present, enterprises always prefer to be proactive rather than reactive. So no matter your business is in cloud or on premise, OR it is a mobile platform or a web service platform, BAM - Business Activity Monitor is essential. It is vital that your business monitoring solution can mainly capture your business KPIs as you mentioned and also extendable to capture other general monitoring requirements as well.

Moreover, when your business expands, your bussiness monitoring solution should be scalable as well.
This talks about how you can scale your BAM solution -

As the original post mentions, an alerting mechanism is very important to catch the malicious behaviours. A sample demo is shown in the screencast -